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Commitment to sustainability and energy saving

Gran Palas Hotel 6/07/2023

In a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, the hotel sector has assumed a fundamental role in the adoption of responsible practices that minimize environmental impact.

At Gran Palas Experience we have been concerned about the environment for years and each season we implement new measures to reduce our impact and our ecological footprint.

We are a benchmark in the commitment to sustainability and energy savings with the implementation of the following measures:

  • Reduction of water consumption, including the installation of low-flow taps and showers in all rooms and common areas, efficient irrigation systems in gardens and green areas, using drip technology and humidity sensors.
  • Installation of solar panels on the roof of the building to generate a large part of the energy necessary for daily operation.
  • Installation of low-consumption LED lighting systems in all areas and automated control systems for air conditioning in rooms and common spaces.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive waste management program, both those generated by the client and by the staff.
  • Reduction of unnecessary containers and packaging, as well as the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials.
With these measures we consolidate our commitment to increasingly sustainable tourism.


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Avez-vous besoin d´aide pour votre réservation ?
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